Abundance: A new publication for SaskOrganics

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Every once in a while a project comes along that really gets your heart singing.  SaskOrganics‘ new quarterly magazine, Abundance, is one such project. SaskOganics’ Executive Director Marla Carlson approached Blossom a few months ago about helping to create and produce a quarterly newsletter for the organization. SaskOrganics is a farmer led membership non-profit organization that serves all […]

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Call in the ambassadors!

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(Or how to deal with negative reviews on Facebook) Social media, specifically Facebook, has provided today’s business owners with a unique tool to connect with their customers and potential customers on a day-to-day basis. And while the benefits of this connection are many, like anything else you engage in, there are risks as well. A […]

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“My flowers smell like cigarettes!”

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A few weeks ago, I opened my front door to find a courier holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me. Who doesn’t love to get flowers!?! I brought them into the kitchen and buried my face in the gorgeous blossoms, only to pull away quickly – my flowers smelled like cigarettes! It was evident that […]

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Put your best face forward

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Put your best face forward, especially when it comes to your signage. Ensure the name of your business is clear and easy to read from a distance. What works in print may not always translate well into physical building signage. Driving by this business, it’s difficult to tell at first glance that it is a […]

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Be spontaneous!

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Sometimes it pays off to be spontaneous and take advantage of current events, as the earned media payoff could be worth, well, millions as in this recent example. It all started with a Sydney, Nova Scotia man who started a tongue-and-cheek website encouraging Americans fearing a Donald Trump presidency to flee to Cape Breton. It […]

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Unique & Quirky

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Be like Brad from Paper Umbrella here in Regina. Recently, I talked about the importance about showcasing something unique to or quirky about your business. Well, this great video does just that. Filmed entirely with a selfie stick, quirky Brad promotes the unique I Love You Wall project that his store launched in the lead up […]

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