How a rebrand helped Tangerine Regina evolve and flourish

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In Blossom Communications’ work to help our client’s businesses flourish, we often have to ask some tough and uncomfortable questions that elicit some deep reflection and big decisions.

Case in point: the recent rebranding of a Regina culinary institution Evolution Catering to Catering by Tangerine and bringing two other businesses under the Tangerine brand.

Regina’s Aimee Schulhauser started Evolution Catering in 2005. The business soon found its niche in fresh, made-from-scratch-today corporate breakfasts and lunches. Five years later, one of her catering customers walked into the shop and asked if they served lunch. After a successful foray into lunches, Tangerine: The Food Bar was born. A few years later, one of Tangerine’s regulars suggested, “You should offer cooking classes!” And so, Schoolhaus Culinary Arts joined the family in 2014.

Fast forward to 2017 and Aimee renovated the space next to The Food Bar to open Meetings by Tangerine, a beautifully appointed, well thought out meeting space consisting of a boardroom and a smaller breakout room available for rent. Finally, in May of 2018, Aimee launched Tangerine in the Valley, a new restaurant in Fort Qu’Appelle, that will service not only the town, but the resort communities and cottages on the four surrounding lakes (Echo, Katepwa, Mission and Pasqua).

Aimee approached Blossom Communications in 2017 to help streamline the marketing of all five of her businesses.

After much discussion, it became clear that it only made sense for four of the businesses (Evolution Catering, The Food Bar, Meetings, and In The Valley) to coalesce under the Tangerine brand. Rebranding Evolution Catering to Catering by Tangerine was tough, as the business was the most established.

Over the last six months we have worked with Aimee and her team to rebrand Evolution Catering to Catering by Tangerine, create new brands for Meetings by Tangerine and Tangerine in the Valley, establish an archive of professional photography of the spaces in Regina, and finally, develop a brand new website for the four businesses that fall under the Tangerine brand.

Blossom recently sat town with Aimee to talk about how even though the process of rebranding her oldest business (Evolution Catering) was somewhat frightening, it simply made sense and has allowed the brand to shine.

BLOSSOM COMMUNICATIONS (BC): How did you feel when we first suggested rebranding Evolution Catering to Catering by Tangerine?

TANGERINE (TA): Panicky. It becomes like a warm blanket and the thought of it going away seems cold and frightening. Evolution Catering was where everything started, so to question that, well, it was uncomfortable.

After a few days to think about it, however, it made total sense. I thought, “Just try this on – like some new clothes.” And it fit.

The process is a lot of work, but then the rest is just easier. The new branding streamlines everything and makes it stronger. The voice will be stronger, because as a collective we can go under one banner.

I like to joke that we’ve evolved so much that we have a new name!

In all seriousness though, the rebranding has helped us take the businesses to the next level. You have start up and then growth and then this is the next level of the business cycle. It’s taking it more of a corporate approach and it’s really more of a grown up brand now.

BC: What has the feedback been like from longtime Evolution Catering Customers?

TA: From “Oh that’s so smart,” and “That makes sense,” to “I get it,” and “That’s a good idea,” it’s all been positive.

People who know us know it’s the same people and it really hasn’t disrupted anything.

BC: For the rebrand, we took a bit of an untraditional approach. While we kept the word and graphic device for Tangerine the same across the brand, we switched up the fonts for each of the businesses. Why was this important to you?

TA: The different fonts really show that there’s a different type of service and offerings in all that we do. It allows us to have different themes and a different feel in each space. For example, Meetings is a typewriter font, which means business. Our meeting room certainly has more of a formal feel to it.

The font for In the Valley gives a feeling of ease, which is the feeling we want people to experience when they walk through our doors in Fort Qu’Appelle.

The brand is very polished and allows us to have more flexibility with each of the business’ identities and the fonts give them their personalities.

BC: As part of this project, we created a brand new website for the Tangerine group of companies. What kind of difference has this made for you?

TA: We can give one website address to people and they can easily access each of the businesses. It also gives them a taste of all that we have to offer and makes them aware of services we provide that they may not have known about. We’ve already seen an uptick in business for our meeting space since we launched the new site.

The site also incorporates beautiful new photography of our spaces, which gives it a much more polished perspective on what we do and what we have.

Tangerine’s new website features all of the businesses in the Tangerine group of companies.


Learn more about the Tangerine group of companies at Tangerine in the Valley opened its doors to the public in early May. Go for a bite at 121 Boundary Avenue North in Fort Qu’Appelle SK.